CLP Metal is a company engaged in the fabrication of metal products primarily in the poultry processing and slaughterhouse industry. Our products are made from quality materials, at prices competitive to today's standards and requirements.

20 Years of Success and Excellence

CLP has more than 20 years of experience in the metal fabrication industry so we guarantee that our worksmanship has been proven to be competitive in the industry and made it's mark since 1995.

NMIS "AAA" Accredited Meat Establishment Equipment Fabricator

On September 13, 2013, CLP has been officialy accredited by the NMIS (National Meat Inspection Service) as a "AAA" meat establishment equipment fabricator, Acknowledging our ability to produce quality "AAA" poultry processing and Slaughterhouse plant equipment.


    To Provide Incomparable design and high quality production of all your equipment fabrication and tooling needs.


    To be a world class manufacturer of dressing plant equipment,customized stainless steel products and precision tools.


    - High Quality at a competitive price.

    - To meet customer's demand and expectation.

    - Prompt delivery and services.